Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stone Soup by Jan Eliot

Stone Soup

A strip about the life of a single working mother, Val, raising two daughters in a house with her sister, nephew, and mother. The sister, Joan, dates and eventually marries the man next door, Wally, who is raising his nephew, and they have a daughter together. The strip focuses on the joys and frustrations of family life and single parenthood. 12-year-old Holly wants to be an adult right now and tries to dress like it; Joan's lassez-faire attitude towards life and money management creates conflicts when she owes her sister rent; and grandma Evie is constantly thrilled at the delayed revenge visited upon her children by her grandchildren. It is available online at

Appeal: Single mothers, family life, children, teenagers, middle grade plus

Art: Flat cartooning a la Charles Schulz, dynamic

Text: Dramatic, exclamatory

Other: Jan Eliot created the strip as a way to connect with and support single, working parents in ways that she did not have access to while raising her children and working. The strip occasionally features a book club consisting of the mothers from For Better Or For Worse, Rose Is Rose, Zits, and Alice from Dilbert.

Eliot, Jan. Stone Soup: The First Collection of the Syndicated Cartoon. Kansas City : Andrews and McMeel, (c)1997. Print.

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