Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dilbert by Scott Adams


A gag-a-day strip about computer engineers at the office. Characters include the titular Dilbert, his lazy coworker Wally, his more competent coworker Alice, their a clueless boss, Dilbert's megalomaniacal dog Dogbert, and various stereotyped professions (the accounting department, for example, is staffed by trolls). Dilbert has visited Elbonia, a technologically disadvantaged country waist-deep in mud; weathered his own dog's hostile takeover of his company; and struggled to find a woman interested in dating an engineer. It is available online at

Appeal: Work humor, sarcasm, cute animals in absurd situations, working life, for adults, revenge fantasies

Art: Absolutely clear lines, static, almost copy and paste.

Textual style: Sarcasm, pointing out the obvious to the oblivious.

Other: Scott Adams worked in banking and for AT&T for many years, office experiences that inspired Dilbert. He won the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award in 1997.

Awards: 1997 Harvey Award for best syndicated comic strip. 1998 Max & Moritz Prize for best international comic strip. 1996 and 1997 Zombie Award for best comics strip.

Adams, Scott. Casual Day Has Gone Too Far. Kansas City, Mo. : Andrews And McMeel, 1997. Print.

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