Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gon by Masashi Tanaka


Gon is a very small dinosaur who escaped the extinction that killed all of the other dinosaurs. Gon wanders wherever he pleases through the paleolithic era, napping, eating, and terrorizing other animals with his ferocious strength and unlimited durability. No animal can defeat Gon, and none can hope to stop him from doing what he wants, whether it's stealing a lion's lunch or taking over a bear's cave to nap in. Gon might, on a whim, save a defenseless creature from a predator, or beat up whomever crosses his path.

Appeal: Dinosaurs, animals, fighting, power fantasy, elementary school boys

Art: Black and white, realistic and exaggerated

Text: Gon is entirely wordless.

Other: Gon was published in Japan from 1992 to 2002. It has been made into two video games and an anime.

Awards: Masashi Tanaka won two Eisner Awards for Gon in 1998: Best Humor Publication and Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material.

Tanaka, Masashi. Gon. La Jolla, CA : WildStorm Productions, 2007. Print.

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