Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blondie by Chic Young


A gag-a-day strip about middle-class white family in America. Hapless husband Dagwood provides much of the slapstick humor at work and at home, where wife Blondie and children Alexander and Cookie provide the rest. Dagwood is always late leaving the house, colliding with the mailman on his way out the door, gets fired every month (hired back immediately), and eats enormous sandwiches as a midnight snack. It is available online at

Appeal: Slapstick humor, family life, all ages, kids.

Art: Clear lines, cartoony, constant throughout the strip's run.

Textual style: Short exclamations, some humorous irony.

Other: Chic Young grew up in St. Louis and attended the Art Institute of Chicago. He drew Blondie until his death in 1973.

Awards: The National Cartoonists Society's Billy DeBeck Award (later renamed the Reuben Award) in 1948. Blondie was one of 20 comic strips commemorated in the USPS Comic Strip Classics stamp series in 1995.

Young, Chic. 25 Years With Blondie: A Silver Anniversary Volume. New York : Simon And Schuster, 1958. Print.

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