Saturday, May 3, 2014

Amethyst (New 52 series)


American teenager Amy Winston's life is suddenly turned upside down one day when her mother reveals that she is a queen from another, more magical world, and that Amy is a powerful magical princess. Amy must learn to use her new powers to save Gemworld from her scheming aunt and other ambitious royals with the help of the House of Topaz and the House of Diamond, among others.

Appeal: Magical girl, fantasy, political intrigue, friendship, good female characters, high school plus.

Art: Beautiful, colorful, fantastical, and detailed. Conveys a sense of realism even when depicting magic.

Text: Expository, sarcastic (on Amy's part)

Other: The series was cancelled after 8 issues. Amethyst was animated as a series of shorts in 2013.
Marx, Christy. Lopresti, Aaron. Sword of Sorcery Vol. 1: Amethyst (The New 52). New York : DC Comics, 2013. Print.

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