Saturday, May 3, 2014

Drama by Raina Telgemeier


Callie loves theater-- her singing is terrible, but she has great ambitions for the sets onstage her middle school play. When two cute brothers become involved in the drama club, Callie finds herself in a whirl of crushes, misunderstandings, and confusing feelings. Callie likes one of the brothers, but does he like her back? Is one of the brothers gay? Why won't one annoying boy leave Callie alone? And how can she make the prop cannon work in the third act? This is a funny and light-hearted look at middle school drama that nonetheless treats the characters' troubles as important and worthy of consideration.

Appeal: Middle school, theater, good female characters, queer representation

Art: Bright, enthusiastic, expressive

Text: Simple, conversational. Almost no narration.

Other: Raina Telgemeier attended the School of Visual Arts, and has worked on graphic novels such as the Baby-Sitters Club series and X-Men: Misfits.

Awards: Raina Telgemeier won an Eisner Award and was honored by the Boston Globe-Horn Awards for her previous work, Smile.

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